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Energy Therapy


A non-invasive holistic therapy to support the body's ability to relax and promote natural healing.  For the treatment the client remains fully clothed while the practitioner uses various hand positions on or above the body.

​60 min.                                                        $80

90 min.                                                        $115

Integrated Energy Therapy

This session is tailored to your specific needs. By channeling and reading your energetic systems, the therapist combines Ryse, Polarity, and Reiki in a way needed to bring you to your highest and clearest self. 

60 min.                                                         $80

90 min.                                                         $115

What is energy? Energy is everything. The sunlight, a glass of water, the food you eat. Energy has certain characteristics, principals that describe how energy moves. All of the following Energetic services will help you reclaim your personal power, choose the life you want and have the ability to create it. You not only are cleared of old patterns and cords that are no longer serving to you, but also your full sublime energetic system is repaired. Your sublime energy system is the anatomy of your life force your spirit. It is a map of where you are right now. This map reflects your inner state. Clearing your system will help you change your map, enhancing your emotions, nervous system, and your physical body.

Releasing energy to move more efficiently with and through the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems frees the body to organize itself more effectively. (APTA Standards for Practice.)

In order to determine what your goals are, and create the perfect balancing session, we offer free 30 minute consultations.


A natural health care system based upon the universal principles of energy: attraction, repulsion, and neutrality. The interrelation of these principals forms the basis for every aspect of life, including our experience of health, wellness and disease.

60 min.                                                         $80

90 min.                                                         $115